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Re: [Xen-users] pv-grub doesn't work with opensuse 12.3 (Page fault at linear address 0x7f50277fe728)

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 1:06 PM, Dieter Bloms <xensource.com@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I try to migrate my dom0 from alpinelinux to opensuse 12.3 and now my
pv-grub config doesn't work anymore.
With alpinelinux as dom0 (with xen 4.2.1) I had no problem.
With opensuse 12.3 as dom0 (with xen 4.2.1) I get the follwing error
messages, when I try to start a domU with pv-grub:

the config file looks like:

when I change my config to use pygrub, I can start my domU
with this configfile:

Does anybody have a clue what the reason is for pv-grub can not be used ?

Best regards


Not sure but alpinelinux is uClibc/Busybox based vs OpenSUSE which is standard desktop version. Both are quite different, so I guess it might be the driver issue. Look at the dom0/domU kernel config and that might point to the problem. Also if you have used stock kernel it might not have necessary xen options in the kernel, check that as well.
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