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Re: [Xen-users] Automating boot of Ubuntu on encrypted LVM?

If it would solve your problem: You could use one encrypted partition, 
holding a VG, holding an LV for each of the dom0 & domU roots.  The dom0 
/boot sits in a normal partition.  The passphrase is requested once on 
boot of the dom0.  It seems like the security would be equivalent.

> I have an Ubuntu 12.04.2 domU with an encrypted LVM root partition. 
> Whenever I launch this machine, I currently need to attach to the 
> domU's console (via vncviewer) and manually type in the passphrase to 
> unlock the encrypted partition and allow the domU to boot.
> If possible, I would like to put the passphrase in a file on the dom0, 
> and configure the domU to read the passphrase from this file when it 
> boots.
> I am using ecryptfs for my dom0 home directory, and I would put the 
> passphrase file there, and set up Xen so that it would check for the 
> existence of the passphrase file (i.e., wait till I had logged in to 
> my account on the dom0) before starting up the domU.

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