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[Xen-users] Some results for VGA Passthrough


I want to share some results with you.

First, my setup:
HPZ800 : E5640 intel Xeon, 4 GB RAM.
dom0 : Debian Squeeze (kernel
Xen 4.2.1 (xm toolstack)

Guest : Windows7 64 bit

FirePro 8800  (4 DisplayPorts)

Quadro FX3800 (1 DVI, 2 DisplayPorts)

Now the good stuff!
I’m able to do VGA Passthrough with FirePro 8800 and Quadro FX3800. I can use extension cards for synchronizing the rendering between computers (aka Genlock and Swaplock), and I have access to quadbuffer feature.
I’ve benched the performance (native vs. HVM) on both cards with FurMark, 3D Mark, Heaven and Valley benchmark (Unigine).

The result is awesome: I’ve got less than 0.5% performance loss.

So the VGA Passthrough works but I’ve some stability issues…
When I try to use two DisplayPort outputs:

-With the Quadro the domU doesn’t show the logon screen (black screen). I don’t have this issue when I use the DVI output and one DisplayPort.

-With FirePro, depending of the displays, the domU crash and the dom0 reboot (with and without Catalyst, nothing in the logs). Or it does the same behavior as Quadro.

The other behavior with FirePro is when I change the display (I change the EDID), the first time I launch the domU with VGA Passthrough, it can crash (and make the dom0 reboot). 

Someone has seen this kind of behaviors? 





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