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Re: [Xen-users] Xen on a MacBook Pro? The ultimate developer setup?


>> 4. Can one extend Xen so that I could scp into the hypervisor and
>> backup the vm's if I needed to?
> Not sure why you think you'd need to "extend Xen".  Can't imagine that
> you'll ever "scp into the hypervisor"; you could scp into the dom0, if
> you wanted to set that up.  More likely, you'd run your domUs on LVs and
> scp *from* the dom0, from mounted snapshots.  Or copy to a USB drive.

@Mike: I think the main issue is that Jason thinks Xen is a drop-in
replacement for vmware workstation. It's not.

@Jason: You can try the live cd, but IMHO it's not worthed. Looking at
your questions, it seems you'd be better off with virtualbox or
vmware. Seriously.

Yes, that is seriously my confusion. Xen being a drop-in replacement for VmWare. I supposed I have misinformation.

And here I was hoping for a dream! I mean wouldn't it be a fantastic setup? The ability to boot ones machine, have other OS's running along side each other, interact with them on a modern laptop that has the space and RAM to accomodate it. switch back and forth between your environments with ease.

I wish I could put my development skills to use on something interesting and awesome. 

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