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Re: [Xen-users] Storage recovery question / recommendations

On Mon, 04/15/2013 06:08 PM, "mitch@xxxxxxxxxxxx" <mitch@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Specifically I only REALLY need a single virtual hard drive - Ideally the 
> whole vm would be nice - which was created late in the host server's lifetime 
> (so theoretically further into the disk).
> Failing that, whatever FILES from that vhd that could be pulled would be 
> great.
> The reinit was fast - so it obviously didn't WIPE the disk.
You are correct. The reinit would have wiped the previous LVM structure and 
created a new one.
Check /etc/lvm/archive or /etc/lvm/backup for a backup vg config. You can then 
use vgcfgrestore to restore the previous configuration onto the SR. 

> 1)     Any information on underlying file system / advice on recovery methods 
> etc.
> 2)     Any recommendations on consultants or firms who have fixed this sort 
> of error for you?
> 3)     Any advice for the future on a way to remount an HBA device after an 
> upgrade or an LVM if that's preferred (and why does it default to HBA if LVM 
> is better?) I've been reading but probably reading the wrong stuff as I don't 
> see a clear answer yet...

HBAoLVM is the default SR type for anything attached via FC through XenCenter. 

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