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Re: [Xen-users] VGA/PCI Passthrough of Secondary Graphics Adapter

On 05/01/2013 08:42 AM, Andreas Falck wrote:
 >If only ATI provided a method to contact them for such support,
considering they claim that they "tested" 4850/4870 cards to work with
Xen and VGA >passthrough. If they've tested it, it'd be nice if they
documented it. Personally I've not seen any evidence of the sort of
stability you'd rightfully expect when >the manufacturer vouches that
something works.

Which toolstack are you using? I have had better success with xm than
with xl for passing through a 6850 to a windows 7 domU. Namely, I
experienced the performance degradation on reboot of domU with xl, but
not with xm.

I am using the xm stack.

Though I could solve it also under xl by the eject trick
after reboot of domU - but if this is a general reset related issue it
might be different symptoms for different radeon models. This was in xen
4.1.x under gentoo and ubuntu (haven't tested xen 4.2+). Relying on a
deprecated toolstack is not future-proof of course, but it has worked
for me so far, and ubuntu 12.10 still uses xen 4.1 which provides xm as
the default.

It might be that AMD got their tested cards working with xen 4.1 and xm,
and never tried any more after that.

I'm taking the claims of AMD having "tested" things with a bucket of salt until I see the detailed documentation of the process they used (exact Xen version, dom0 OS stack, domU version and patch level, and the exact tests carried out in domU). Thus far I have seen no such documentation, which makes the claims that it was tested pure hearsay.


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