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[Xen-users] Some announcements


I have some off-topic announcements to make. I hope this mail is not too spammy.

This September 24-26 we will hold the OpenNebula Conference. We have
the Call for Proposals opened. It would be great to have people that
uses Xen alongside OpenNebula there [1].

I will be next week in Dublin Xen Hackathon. My aim is to try to
improve our Xen integration. Really looking forward to meet some of

The day before the hackathon (15th) I will be giving an introduction
to cloud/virtualization and our software in a talk organized by the
TCD and the Irish Free Software Organization. It may be good that some
other people related with OpenSource projects could be there. The aim
is to show OSS projects and how they are made. I'll leave the link in
case you are interested [2].


[1] http://opennebulaconf.com/
[2] https://www.scss.tcd.ie/David.OCallaghan/opennebula-talk-2013.html

Javier Fontán Muiños
Project Engineer
OpenNebula - The Open Source Toolkit for Data Center Virtualization
www.OpenNebula.org | jfontan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx | @OpenNebula

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