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Re: [Xen-users] gplpv: re-enabling the nic adapter removes it

> Just tried with the latest testing version and it still
> behaves the same. i.e Re-enabling the nic crashes the driver. Rather,
> the "enabling" dialogue gets stuck with this latest testing version
> and the only way out is by forcefully destroying the domain. As
> usually I have two nic adapters in domu.

I fixed my previous problem (old driver installed), and cannot reproduce what 
you are seeing. "Enabling..." comes up, then "Enabled", then it works as normal.

Do you have any other software loaded that might be binding to the network 
stack? Firewall or antivirus software would be the obvious ones but some VPN 
software can trip things up.

I guess next I need to see what's in the xenstore. Get the id of the domain 
then disable and try and re-enable the adapter then xenstore-ls 
/local/domain/<id>/device/vif (and let me know which instance is stuck). Also 
get the backend value and do a xenstore-ls on that. Sent me the output.


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