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[Xen-users] Security in Virtual Machine

Hi Everybody,

I have a HOST (Server Fisico) connected to internet. It have 2 network cards, the first one (eth0) connected to the router, another (eth1) is connected to LAN.
eth1 is bridged to virtual machines network, and one of them (virtual1) have an HTTP Server. Everything is running correctly.

I have IPTABLES Firewall running on the HOST with DNAT forwarding HTTP traffic to Virtual1. I have IPTABLES Rules in HOST, for block some IPs that give me problems, but these rules not protect to Virtual1. All HTTP traffic is forwarded to Virtual1, even the source IP is blocked for IPTABLES rules.

I had an attack, and I couldn't block the HTTP traffic about Virtual1, the IPTABLES rules not affect it.

What can I do for give security to Virtual machines?

Thanks a lot

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