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Re: [Xen-users] Problem with PCI Pass-through address space collision

On 05/21/2013 04:33 PM, Jon Skilling wrote:
Hi Gordan,

Thanks for your reply.  It is my understanding that PCI pass-through should
work for PV guests, which is what I am creating here.  One thing that I
notice though, other than XL DMESG giving the message about Vt-d being
disabled, is that other than the command line message, iommu=soft doesn't
seem to produce any confirmation messages anywhere so I can't really tell if
this is running or not.

I have to confess that I have not seen any documentation on XL stating that
the device must be detached from Dom0 before it can be attached to a guest.
Certainly, XL pci-detach freePBX 06:01.0 produces an error saying that the
domain is invalid.  However, I tried your suggestion prior to starting the
domain and it runs without complaint and says that the device has been

I reincorporated your suggestion into xen-pciback.conf and added modprobe
xen-pciback into rc.local to get everything to start at boot up and
restarted the machine.
I then ran the virsh-nodev-detach command followed by xl create -c
freePBX.cfg.  Unfortunately, this produced the same result as before.

I've also tried adding iommu=soft to the Dom0 kernel line, but as I said,
this didn't produce any discernible differences to the XL DMESG output.

Instead of hotplugging, I tried adding the two last lines to the end of the
freePBX.cfg file:

name = "freePBX"
uuid = "91cd5696-1451-c333-f6a4-1628a79976bd"
maxmem = 1024
memory = 1024
vcpus = 1
bootloader = "pygrub"
localtime = 0
on_poweroff = "destroy"
on_reboot = "restart"
on_crash = "restart"
disk = [ "phy:/dev/VolGroup/freePBX,xvda,w" ]
vif = [ "mac=00:16:3e:00:9a:9c,bridge=br0,script=vif-bridge,vifname=vif2.0"

extra = "iommu=soft debug loglevel=10 earlyprintk=xenboot console=hvc0 ro
pci = ['06:01.0,permissive=1']

As you can see from above, I'm allocating 1024Mb to the guest.  I haven't
got time now until the weekend to apply the 4.2.2-5 patches to check if they
solve my problem, but I'll post a message when I've done it to update on how
it went.  Suffice to say, I'm still getting the same error message :-(

Have you tried using xm instead of xl? I'm finding that xl is still missing some vital features to make everything work.

I'd also start with getting a standard HVM domU working with xm and then take it further from there.

I'm pretty sure iommu=soft shouldn't be on the domU kernel boot parameters. I suggest you start by removing the extra= line and remove the ,permissive=1 from the pci spec since I don't think xm understands that (you have it in your module config anyway). Then see if you can get it working with xm/xend as a HVM.


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