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Re: [Xen-users] blktap2 and qcow2 images

> Hi Thanos,
> according to the man page and my experiments VHD does not support
> snapshots:
> $ qemu-img snapshot -c base disk1.vhd
> qemu-img: Could not create snapshot 'base': -95 (Operation not
> supported)
> $ qemu-img create -f vpc -o backing_file=disk1.vhd,backing_fmt=vpc
> disk1-snap1.vhd Unknown option 'backing_file'
> qemu-img: Invalid options for file format 'vpc'.
> So has anybody out there gotten file image based snapshots working with
> xen? Because from everything I'm seeing it seems to be simply not
> supported, but that just seems to be such a basic bit of functionality,
> that I find that hard to believe.

I don't think this is the right way to perform snapshots on VHD files, use 
vhd-util instead:
vhd-util snapshot -p original-file-image.vhd -n snapshot-file-image.vhd
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