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[Xen-users] Bug when compiling qemu tradition

I am running arch linux and I just did system upgrade to latest packages. So I guess this bug will pop up fo other later on. I don't know if this is caused by perl 5.18? It seems that it doesn not like  ü in the name. Is there wah to have this patched to u or is there other work around?
texi2html -monolithic -number-sections qemu-doc.texi
texi2html -monolithic -number-sections qemu-tech.texi
/data/dev/xen/xen-4.3-git/src/xen-build/tools/qemu-xen-traditional-dir/texi2pod.pl qemu-doc.texi qemu.pod
pod2man --section=1 --center=" " --release=" " qemu.pod > qemu.1
qemu.pod around line 91: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in 'Schütz.'. Assuming UTF-8
POD document had syntax errors at /usr/bin/core_perl/pod2man line 71.
make[3]: *** [qemu.1] Error 255
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