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[Xen-users] Difficulties to passthrough Intel IGD HD4000 to a Fedora DomU HVM system

Hi everyone !

I'm trying to setup this configuration on my machine:

Dom0 => Debian 7 Kernel 3.9.3 with Xen 4.2.1
DomU => Windows 7 with a VGA passthrough HD5700 as secondary video device
DomU => Fedora 18 with VGA passtrough HD4000 IGD as primary video device

Motherboard DZ77BH- 55k
CPU I7 3770
HD4000 First video card in bios
AMD 5700 Second video card in bios

Everything works except the VGA passtrough with the Fedora system, i can see the virtual bios and grub load, then the screen go in power save mode.
DomU Fedora is still reachable with ssh.

Any idea ?

Thank you for you help.

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