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[Xen-users] Xen guest domains Console- How to interact with it?


I am using Xen 4.1.1. I am using console to access domU. The command xm console <domain id> gives me this

T(s=1373371971 us=532140)
T(s=1373371972 us=532207)
T(s=1373371973 us=532275)
T(s=1373371974 us=532342)
T(s=1373371975 us=532409)
T(s=1373371976 us=532477)
T(s=1373371977 us=532545)
T(s=1373371978 us=532613)
T(s=1373371979 us=532680)
T(s=1373371980 us=532747)
T(s=1373371981 us=532814)
T(s=1373371982 us=532885)
T(s=1373371983 us=532954)
T(s=1373371984 us=533021)
T(s=1373371985 us=533088)
T(s=1373371986 us=533156)
T(s=1373371987 us=533223)
T(s=1373371988 us=533290)
T(s=1373371989 us=533358)
T(s=1373371990 us=533427)
T(s=1373371991 us=533495)

I dont know how to interact with such console? I am expecting to see a normal text login screen.

Please help me what should I do in order to access the domU and perform various operations on it (installing some apps/software)?
The manual for xm console says that "If you have set up your domains to have a traditional login console, this will look much like a normal text login screen."

Please let me know how can I set up the domains to have a traditional login console?

Btw: my domU guest is MiniOS.


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