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Re: [Xen-users] Tap2 qcow2 images with libvirt or xm

I actually figured it out, or at least a around-about solution. What I
did was stop the xend service and then restart libvirtd, which will
apparently trigger libvirt to use the libxl channel instead of the xend
by default.  xl, as confirmed in my previous email, works out of the box
with qcow2 images so using libvirt in this same function also produced
images the desired results.

So, my fix is basically to shutdown xend, restart libvirt to use libxl,
and not worry about using xend/xm again.

I'm assuming this represents some sort of bug or missing functionality
with xend. If there's a proper place to file a bug for qcow2 support
with xend/xm, please let me know. If xend support for tap2:qcow2 is
truly deprecated then that's fine by me, I just recommend documenting
this somewhere. Personally I'm just going to stay on with using the
libxl setup, as it currently meets my needs right now.



On 7/11/13 4:33 AM, Thanos Makatos wrote:
>> TapdiskException: ('create', '-aqcow2:/home/Centos_63_nvidia.qcow2')
>> failed (512  )
> Does this end up being passed as arguments to the tap-ctl utility? If it is, 
> it seems wrong; there should be a space right after the "-a" switch.

Andrew J. Younge
Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California

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