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[Xen-users] Ubuntu 11.10 in DomU can't see disks or network devices?

Hey folks,

I have been trying to migrate (by cloning) a physical server into a VM
in DomU of a box that is running Ubuntu 13.04 in Dom0 with the Xen
from that release.
I've been having some very strange problems which I seem to have
traced to the fact that Ubuntu 11.10 does not seem to be able to
detect disks nor network devices in a VM on this box.   I finally
tried a fresh install of both 64 bit server and 64 bit desktop and

Can someone confirm this?
And is there any way to get 11.10 to see the devices?

Here is the info for Dom0

amckay@solexa1:~$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 13.04
Release:        13.04
Codename:       raring
amckay@solexa1:~$ dpkg --list | grep -i xen
ii  libxen-4.2                                4.2.1-0ubuntu3.3
              amd64        Public libs for Xen
ii  libxenstore3.0                            4.2.1-0ubuntu3.3
              amd64        Xenstore communications library for Xen
ii  xen-hypervisor-4.2-amd64                  4.2.1-0ubuntu3.3
              amd64        Xen Hypervisor on AMD64
ii  xen-utils-4.2                             4.2.1-0ubuntu3.3
              amd64        XEN administrative tools
ii  xen-utils-common                          4.2.1-0ubuntu3.3
              all          Xen administrative tools - common files
ii  xenstore-utils                            4.2.1-0ubuntu3.3
              amd64        Xenstore utilities for Xen

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