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Re: [Xen-users] dom0_mem parameter produces errors fsck and du command

2013/7/23 Alexandre Kouznetsov <alk@xxxxxxxxxx>
El 23/07/13 06:43, Flako escribió:

Hi Alexandre,
I'm sure it produces dom0_mem because:

-Change all full hard (motherboard, hard disk, RAM, power supply) and
reinstall the OS from scratch but still fails fsck
- The disks before using the check with badblocks and smartctl.
- If I start a livecd on it hard, there is no fsck error
- If you start a non-xen kernel (same kernel without xen enabled) is not
fsck error occurs
- If you reboot with xen kernel without dom0_mem parameter error occurs
not fsck
- Memtest shows no errors (but I could not let it go more than one pass)
The component you have not switched yet, as I understand it, is CPU.

Let's suppose that "du" works fine as is, and give the error because of filesystem inconsistency. I understand you have tested this issue with a external USB disk and with your local SATA disk. Maybe they are not unmounted cleanly on reboot?

Weired enough, though.

Alexandre Kouznetsov

Hi Alexandre:
     The cpu also change it
(I lack specify).
     I do not think the problem is the result of a bad unmount because a manually performed.

     I mention the test case that focuses on dom0_mem:

        1. Check the usb disk in another pc and it shows no errors
        2. Check the usb disk with kernel-xen with dom0_mem and it shows errors (do not select repair, because the inconsistent process leaves the filesystem)
        3. Check the usb disk with kernel-xen without dom0_mem and this does not show errors
April. Check the usb disk in another PC with or without kernel-xen and this shows no errors.

      Something that comment is that the usb disk is encrypted with cryptsetup (1.0.6-pre1), but fsck failures the note from the hard SATTA (to indicate in the other mail) that I tried it with and without cryptsetup cryptsetup.
      Perform many other tests, but as previously thought was hardware issue or OS's is like the case of tests that indicated it seems more complete.

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