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Re: [Xen-users] HVM DomU+Dom0 crash with PCI USB passthrough


> What I eventually noticed was that this only seemed to happen
> when passing through USB devices that happened to share an
> IRQ with something else (in my case it wafs various ICH10
> devices sharing interrupts, USB and SMBus).

is there a way I can see which devices share IRQs? Is it possible to
change the IRQ mappings if they are unconvenient?

> Point being - make sure that whatever you are passing
> through to domU isn't on a shared interrupt. Also
> bear in mind that the binding between the physical port
> and the PCI USB controller device can change depending
> on what you plug into the port.

I'm not sure I understood. Are you saying that when I plugin in device
X in the USB port A, it could get handled by a different PCI device
than if I had plugged in device Y into A instead?

I just installed a USB2 PCI controller card, manufactured by LogiLink
and advertising a NEC Chip. It appears in lspci as
01:06.0 USB controller: NEC Corporation OHCI USB Controller (rev 41)
01:06.1 USB controller: NEC Corporation OHCI USB Controller (rev 41)
01:06.2 USB controller: NEC Corporation uPD72010x USB 2.0 Controller (rev 02)
I assigned all three of these to pciback, rebooted, assigned them to
the DomU and launched it. However, every time I try to start the DomU
with the new USB controller attached, both Dom0 and DomU hang after a
few seconds (this surely is not enough time for DomU to finish
booting, but maybe it started doing that.)

What may be the reason for this? My mainboard has three PCI slots.
Could it make a difference which slot I put the card into?

I will try qemu-xen-traditional later.

Thank you very much, Gordan and David!

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