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[Xen-users] d21v0 bogus time


I made a major update to AlpineLinux Edge/Xen 4.3.0, coming from OVM2.

I'm trying to track down really annoying issues with VM stop / start.
Basically, what I see is starting / stopping my 5-6 VMs will work in like every 3rd attempt. In the others, one or more (random, it appears) will get stuck at boot or shutdown.

The only visible error I get in xl dmesg is this:

(XEN) d21v0: bogus time -188049508 (offsets -57235153319615/0)

No matter if it's related to the start/stop issues:
What is the meaning of that message, and how to decode this "d21v0"!

xen_commandline        : dom0_mem=1024M tmem tmem_compress tmem_dedup iommu=1 dom0_vcpus_pin dom0_max_vcpus=2

All domUs are PV. 
I have one HVM domU but I didn't try starting it since the host booted.
None of the running domUs are tmem enabled yet.

Any clues about that message?
Any one else seeing this kind instability of the core features?
In case the message is really clock related - i'm running chronyd. (no ntpd on my distro, i don't know shit about configuring chronyd, but i am unsure if it can even affect domUs that badly, ever?)


the purpose of libvirt is to provide an abstraction layer hiding all xen features added since 2006 until they were finally understood and copied by the kvm devs.
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