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[Xen-users] Empty Partition table upon Windows 7.iso boot and install process

Hello list,

Linux is new to me and Xen even more but its power has convinced me to give it a shot... I make a double post here from a previous which of purpose has been solutionned.

I have this volume: /dev/sda2    30G  linux
It is a LVM physical volume. Unformatted
Volume group is Esp-Virt. Unformatted

It has 4 logical volumes. Not any has ext2/3/4 format. I don't clearly figure out if that is a "not to do" when creating domains. I've been able to create 3 linux PV vm's however. They run confortably.

Now the 4th domain would be a windows 7 HVM. I get a console connection with gnvcviewer. I follow the steps as me fit to the install process till the partitionner asks me what partition it uses before formatting it. But here is a blank window, no device, no partition, no tree. I cannot stretch out the installation.
What am I missing?

Has anyone encountered this behaviour? What can I do to solve this trivial topo?

Thank you.

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