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Re: [Xen-users] settings for create Windows7.cfg file / for this HVM DomU, usage with lvm partition and booted from cdrom drive


On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 7:18 AM, Dorian Carpentier de Changy <dechangydorian@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Le 24/09/2013 23:44, David Sutton a écrit :
I would also try something like this for the CDRom piece:





Thus I was missing the 'phy' var, which stands for the block device (either hard disk drive and/or cdrom drive) opposite to 'file'. finally;
 This worked like a charm.
the domain gets created, and I can access the cddrive
upon # gvncviewer localhost, I have access to installation window booted from the Windows7 cd described above. Delightfull so far ,...

Going through the windows7 install configuration, the process ends up where it says it cannot find a suitable disk drive, the window is blank, nor a option refresh - nor load a driver helps, returns null in both cases.

Normally, where maybe I did jump a step,  It should show up the desired lvm lv named windows. Maybe I jumped the formatting in a earlier step! ( ?? Going through the LVM tutorial I read and apply a ext3 format to my "/dev/Esp-Virt/windows" logical volume, using mkfs.ext3 command.
than also Checking partitionning
#fdisk -l
shows Disk /dev/dm-6 doesn't contain a valid partition table. This mount point is unallocated but should be populated as soon as the windows machine has write access. I wonder why upon
# lvcreate -nwindows -L20G Esp-Virt

the dm-6 partition doesn't take into account the reserved space since windows lv is created ?

I repeat thatI couldn't see the lvm partition in the windows install, even after mkfs.ext3.

What step am I misssing HerE?

Thank you

 For what you are doing, you don't need to create a filesystem on the LVM partition you created; you just need a raw partition for the VM to be able to use. Looking back on the email thread, I suspect it might be because you specified 'sda' for your hard drive partition (on the disk line again) - I seem to remember trying this before and having issues until I changed it to 'hda' instead - then the windows 7 installer was able to see the partition.



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