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[Xen-users] REMINDER: Xen Project Document Day is Monday Sept 30

Next Monday, September 30, is our next Xen Project Document Day.

Xen Document Days are for people who care about Xen Documentation and
want to improve it.

We introduced Documentation Days, because working on documentation in
parallel with like minded-people is just more fun than working alone.

Also, this is the perfect way for people who are not contributing code
to support the Xen Project.  If you are a Xen user and had to dig to
find useful information, consider improving the documentation so that
the next person doesn't have to work so hard to figure out what you

For a list of items that need work, check out the community maintained
TODO list at http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Xen_Document_Days/TODO .  Of
course, you can work on anything you'd like; the TODO list provides a
handy list of documents needing attention.

How to join in:

- Join us on IRC: freenode channel #xendocs
- Tell people what you intend to work on (to avoid doing something
somebody else is already working on)
- Fix some documentation
- Help others
- And above all: have fun!

It all happens next Monday, so mark your calendars.  See you on #xendocs!

Russ Pavlicek
Xen Project Evangelist

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