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Re: [Xen-users] Slow Windows XP 32-bit

Hi Mitch,

It was exactly that post that put me on track (seems to occur in quite a few lists). Now the 32-bit XPs don't seem slower than their bare metal predecessors.

Next thing is to tweak network performance. It seems sufficient so far, but it never hurts to take it to the edge.

Best regards,


On 2013-09-26 18:07, mitch@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
This thread gives a little more context (for those curious like I was ;-)
Seems to affect 2003 before sp2 as well.


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OK, I did comb through the web a bit more, and found something that made a HUGE 

I added the parameter /patchtpr to the operating system boot line in Windows XP 

Now I'm pleased :-)

I wish everybody a nice day,


On 2013-09-26 09:55, Peter Milesson wrote:
Hi folks,

I've been using Xen hypervisor for a couple of years. What beats me
is, that Windows XP 32-bit performance is quite slow, and there seems
to be no improvements with Xen 4.3.0, compared to Xen 4.1.0. I'm using
the GPLPV drivers with Windows, I've tried the experimental
(installation problems), but it's obvious, the problem isn't with the
GPLPV drivers, as the performance didn't improve a bit.

Yesterday, I upgraded a system that previously had Xen 4.2.0
hypervisor, and a standard Linux kernel 3.7.1 with all Xen-stuff
(backends, frontends, etc) activated. I replaced it with a similar
Linux kernel 3.10.12 and Xen 4.3.0. I've also got another system with
about the same setup, though different hardware. In both systems, the
Windows XP 32-bit performance is quite below expectations. On the
contrary, the performance of Windows XP 64-bit improved considerably,
when ported to Xen from an older PC, and it's really shining.

The virtual disks are always LVM-backed, so the issues are not there.

Dom0 is using 2 exclusive pinned vcpus in all the machines There's 2GB
of RAM set aside for Dom0 in all setups, which is more than sufficient
Dom0 has got weight 6000, and all DomU have got default weight 256 in
the scheduler
Dom0 normally uses about 10-20% cpu
Every DomU is using 2 vcpus, sharing the available vcpus with other
machines DomUs mostly have got 1GB of RAM

I've tried different tweaks, parameter settings, and I don't know
what, and I'd be very grateful for some good advice where to improve
the situation.

Best regards,


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