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[Xen-users] VGA Passthrough of AMD FirePro W7000 to Windows 8: Not enough resources

I'm using Xen 4.3, installed from source on Ubuntu 13.04. I've successfully installed a Windows 8 guest, and had Xen pass it an AMD FirePro W7000 GPU (technically 2 PCI devices - the second is for the sound), as well as the virtualised graphics adapter. Windows finds the card fine, and I've installed AMD's drivers. Device Manager says that the card cannot find enough resources (code 12). I've checked the IO, IRQ, and Memory details in DM, and there don't seem to be any clashes.

I did try disabling the virtualised card from Windows, but it seemed to keep using it anyway, even after a restart. It didn't make any difference to the FirePro in any case.

I'd be grateful for some help.

Many thanks,


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