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Re: [Xen-users] VGA Passthrough of AMD FirePro W7000 to Windows 8: Not enough resources

On 10/02/2013 01:58 PM, Toby Miller wrote:
 >> gordan@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
  On Sun, 29 Sep 2013 15:01:01 +0100, Toby
Miller<tobycmiller@xxxxxxxxx>   wrote:
>I'm using Xen 4.3, installed from source on Ubuntu 13.04. I've
>successfully installed a Windows 8 guest, and had Xen pass it an AMD
>FirePro W7000 GPU (technically 2 PCI devices - the second is for the
>sound), as well as the virtualised graphics adapter. Windows finds
>card fine, and I've installed AMD's drivers. Device Manager says that
>the card cannot find enough resources (code 12). I've checked the IO,
>IRQ, and Memory details in DM, and there don't seem to be any
>I did try disabling the virtualised card from Windows, but it seemed
>to keep using it anyway, even after a restart. It didn't make any
>difference to the FirePro in any case.
>I'd be grateful for some help.
  I haven't tried Windows 8, but on XP64 disabling the Cirrus card in
  device manager fixed the problem for me with Nvidia card passthrough.

  You could try setting gfx_passthru=1, which should disable the
  Cirrus emulation alltogether. That may make Windows domU completely
  fail to boot, though.

  Did you do a clean Win8 install and reboot the host fully? Is the
  FirePro the primary GPU on the host? Or is it completely untouched
  in dom0 (no dom0 or BIOS output on it)?

Thanks for your reply. It turns out the problem was that I'd forgotten
to put device_model_version="qemu-xen-traditional", so I was using a
qemu that didn't support gfx_passthrough. The FirePro is not used in
dom0 at all. I'm using pciback to hide it.

I now have another problem though. The Ubuntu host crashes a lot when
the Windows 8 guest is running. Mostly it happens when I try to shut
down Windows - I think it might be a result of the FirePro card being
released -, but sometimes it happens randomly too. The screen completely
freezes, and no ssh or anything. I should mention that I'm not passing
through the audio pci device for the FirePro, although it is bound to
pciback so the host can't be using it either. If I try to pass that
through it never actually boots. I've had a lot of blue screens, and a
lot of host crashes. I'm passing through a USB device too (i.e. the PCI
USB device), and that works fine.

Googling doesn't seem to come up with much for host crashes. What can I
do to diagnose the problem? There's nothing in the syslog.

Can you try it with domU limited to 1GB of RAM? Also, can you add your physical e820 memory map as reported in dmesg?

It is plausible you might be running into the same issue I had with domU memory overwriting the physical IOMEM without getting remapped by the IOMMU.

Does your motherboard feature NF200 PCIe bridges?


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