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Re: [Xen-users] Port forwarding support in Xen

On Thu, 2013-10-03 at 09:46 +0530, Jaya Dhanesh wrote:
> Hi,
> Does Xen 4.1 support port forwarding? I have a VM and the interface in 
> th VM can be dynamically
> configured with an IP. How do I ssh to this VM from Dom0? I was thinking 
> of port forwarding, does
> xen support it?

This is not really a function of Xen but of your dom0 operating system
and or a guest agent type thing.

You'd need to expose some way to get the IP address out of the guest and
into dom0 -- perhaps an initscript which writes it to xenstore on boot.

From there if you want to ssh only from dom0 you could script up
something to read that IP address from xenstore and invoke ssh.

If you wanted to do something more clever you could have a process in
dom0 which configured a tunnel etc.

Or you could deploy NAT on the host, which would give you control of the
IPs given to VMs but at the expense of them not being visible external
to the host.

Of course you can also use all the techniques you would use on a
physical system, e.g. configure your DHCP server to use static addresses
or to update a static domain name with the dynamic address, or use a
dynamic IP provider (the one I use has recently gotten overly commercial
so I'm not going to recommend them here, ddclient seems to support a
bunch of them though).


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