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[Xen-users] Live Migration - Freeze

Thank you Ian and Niels for your help with the memory problem.

Now onto the next one - I start the migration and now it gets to the
second iteration (moving memory I would assume) and then freezes and
the guest domain itself is locked up.

I reviewed the logs for any info and couldn't see any but I am new to
migration so there easily could be something I am missing.

xend.log and  xend-debug.log where both last modified on Jul 9 and
xen-hotplug.log was modified on Sept 26 so I don't thing they are
relevant.  xl-Win98.log and qemu-dm-Win81.log are included from the
migration that I started on Friday and it ran all weekend with the
result I described above.  I have included the output from the Friday
attempt in xl_migrate_Fri.txt and from a previous attempt where I
turned on verbose output in Verbose_xl_migrate_output.txt.

I scoured the internet as much as I could Friday and could find any
reference to any situation like this but if I missed something I

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Shane D. Johnson
IT Administrator
Rasmussen Equipment

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