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[Xen-users] XenProject.org Q&A: Running xen to create PV hosts under KVM with virtio

 The following question was posed by Simon Easter on the
XenProject.org Q&A area.  Please reply to me so I can post your
answers to the site or, if you feel so inclined, answer yourself on
the website:

I have a need to run very low weight PV debian guests under a kvm
hypervised guest .(i.e. split a vm using pv - the reasons are varied
but essentially each host has to have it's own networking/routing
I can boot these only when the underlying block device in kvm guest is
switched to ide from virtio.(on test system)

My question is: is there any way I can get xen to boot with virtio as
I don't have the control to switch the block device supplied to IDE
(it's not permitted)
Can the xen system be recompiled or can I compile a module that works
and doesn't result in error message of

udevd timout: killing ‘/sbin/modprobe -v virtio………

Any suggestions I was going to look at jails but am unsure the
networking is self contained in each jail so xen pv was the next


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