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Re: [Xen-users] Nested virtualization instabilities

Thanks. I will re-post at xen-devel and add both to CC, per your suggestion.
This is Intel, and to clarify things:
Host (physical hardware): is host.
Nested hypervisor (level 1 virtualization): is the domain that crushes
Nested VM (level 2 virtualization): is the domain that as soon as started (using HVM on the nested Hypervisor) causes the nested Hypervisor to crush.


On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 12:26 PM, Ian Campbell <Ian.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sat, 2013-12-14 at 00:40 +0200, Etzion Bar-Noy wrote:
> Hi.
> I am using the unstable build-from-source of Xen community. It reports
> as 4.4, and was pulled from Git two days ago. The problem I will
> describe below appears on version 4.3.1, compiled from source as well.
> In both cases - I used spec file to create my own RPMs, because it's
> the right method of doing it.
> Problem: When VM running under HVM which is a hypervisor (XenServer
> 6.2 or VMware ESXi5.5) attempts to start a (HVM) virtual machine, the
> following happens, 100% reproducible on this server.
> XenServer: domain crush. XenServer restarts itself. It doesn't happen
> for PV on XenServer VM

The guest Xen is crashing, or the host Xen? I think the guest.

Nested virt is currently a tech preview and it certainly looks to me
like you've found a bug. Please can you send your report to xen-devel@.
See http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Reporting_Bugs_against_Xen for some
additional hints on what to include (actually, this report seems like a
good start).

I don't think you said if you were using Intel or AMD processors, but
please CC the relevant maintainer as well as the list:
AMD: Suravee Suthikulpanit <suravee.suthikulpanit@xxxxxxx>
Intel: Jun Nakajima <jun.nakajima@xxxxxxxxx>, Eddie Dong <eddie.dong@xxxxxxxxx>


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