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[Xen-users] NUMA memory allocation differences between XM and XL toolchain


We are using Xen 4.2.2_06 on SLES SP3 Updates and wanted to know if there is a simple way to gather information about physical pages allocated for a HVM guest. We are trying to figure whether XL is better off in allocating contiguous huge/large pages for a guest or XM. I guess it does not matter since Xen's hypervisor would be implementing page allocation polices.

With xl debug-key u, we know how much memory was allocated from each NUMA node, but we would also like to know whether how much of them were huge pages and were they contiguous or not. Basically we need to retrieve machine pfn and VM's pfn to do some comparison.

(XEN) Memory location of each domain:
(XEN) Domain 0 (total: 603765):
(XEN)     Node 0: 363652
(XEN)     Node 1: 240113
(XEN) Domain 1 (total: 2096119):
(XEN)     Node 0: 1047804
(XEN)     Node 1: 1048315
(XEN) Domain 2 (total: 25164798):
(XEN)     Node 0: 12582143
(XEN)     Node 1: 12582655

We would like Xen to allocate as many as continuous huge/large pages for a HVM guest. So if there is a tunable, then please let me know. The HW is x86-64.

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