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Re: [Xen-users] NUMA memory allocation differences between XM and XL toolchain

On mar, 2013-12-17 at 10:59 -0800, Saurabh Mishra wrote:
> Hi,
Mmm... I replied to this same e-mail on xen-devel already. For anyone
interested, the answer is here:


That being said, please, avoid cross posting and/or posting the same
e-mail to both -devel and -users, this will fragment the discussion and
make it a lot less useful than it could be.

I appreciate that this can be seen as something in the middle between a
user and developer question, but that's not uncommon, and yet people
usually post in either one ml _or_ the other. What you should do is try
to guess where the message is better suited and send it only there...
If, during the thread, we realize it would be better to move the
discussion to the other mailing list, we'll do that at that time.


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