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[Xen-users] Serious issues with xenpaging

On Twitter, Florian Heigl sent a out a few messages about issues with xenpaging:

19-Dec: Anyone successfully use ? docs are at SLES manual, rest is mostly this: dead feature or usable?

22-Dec: Hey guys, I wrote down as much as I could https://piratenpad.de/p/Ik3lOBLniq1L5TEM   (since I'm on holiday and not constant online)

22-Dec: Yay, tested Xenpaging (memory overcommit)
[x] largely untested
[x] docs outdated
[x] syntax+logic changed
[x] broken

[I've taken the liberty of removing the colorful expletive from the final post]

Is Florian's assessment correct, or is there somewhere we can point him for help?  I'm on vacation this week, but if someone replies to me, I will try to forward the information appropriately.


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