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[Xen-users] Xen (SLES) vs VMWare Enterprise Plus and Essentials Plus

Our company currently uses Xen on SLES11. Many people are pushing for VMWare. I've done some searching, including this matrix here:

This matrix doesn't specifically cover xen/sles11 but does have Redhat and XenServer, which are comparable. We also currently use a third party application for central management of all servers, which provides HA, as well as granular administrator assignments for support people, among other things.

If cost was not a factor, are there any technical real reasons to NOT go with VMWare vSphere? For example, using Enterprise Plus at the data center and Essentials Plus at remote facilities. As far as I know VMWare does not have a central management feature, where you can manage the whole environment from one point, but I've heard that's coming?

I was hoping to hear from the experts on this list that have experience with both. I honestly love my xen environment, at the same time, it does have shortcomings, that I'm guessing VMWare would cover a lot better, such as snapshots.

Anyway, if anyone is willing to comment I would appreciate it.


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