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[Xen-users] jumbo frame issues on xen 4.1 and 4.0


I use Debian 6.0 and Debian 7.0 production servers with it's pre-built xen
packages. Some of my vlan-s and interfaces uses mtu=9000.
If I use mtu=9000 with my domU-s too, then it after a while starts to hang
up all network traffic on that vif. The xen-create-image script writes a
hint into my /etc/network/interfaces: "post-up ethtool -K ethX tx off"
But, if I switch off tx checksuming, then it reduce back the mtu to 1500:
Last line of my dmesg:
[168858.716229] vif vif-2: eth2: Reducing MTU because no SG offload

So, scenario1: I start with MTU=9000, and it just hangs up after a while,
Or scenrario2: I switch off tx/gso/etc. and it switch back to MTU=1500,
and pmtu-discovery will fix nfs mounts from servers, which has mtu=9000...

Does sy. have an debian based out-of-the-box working setup with mtu=9000?


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