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Re: [Xen-users] creating xen guest with fedora

Thanks Ian.

I am trying now with xvda. I created xvda dusj using following command:
mknod /dev/xvda1 b 202 0
mknod /dev/xvdb1 b 202 16

My new config file is given below:
$ cat kx1.cfg
disk=[ 'file:/bhadresh/kx1.raw,xvda1,w', 'file:/bhadresh/sw1.raw,xvdb1,w' ]
root="/dev/xvda1 ro"

>>>From the dracut console can you see any Xen block devices in /dev/ at all?
yes, this looks to be problem. the newly created block devices i am not able to see from dracut console.
from dracut console:
dracut:/# ls /dev/   
autofs         kmsg             ptmx      tty16  tty32  tty49  tty8
block         log             pts       tty17  tty33  tty5   tty9
char         loop-control         random    tty18  tty34  tty50  ttyS0
console         loop0             raw       tty19  tty35  tty51  ttyS1
core         loop1             shm       tty2   tty36  tty52  ttyS2
cpu         loop2             snapshot  tty20  tty37  tty53  ttyS3
cpu_dma_latency  loop3             stderr    tty21  tty38  tty54  urandom
fd         loop4             stdin     tty22  tty39  tty55  usbmon0
full         loop5             stdout    tty23  tty4   tty56  vcs
hvc0         loop6             tty       tty24  tty40  tty57  vcs1
hvc1         loop7             tty0      tty25  tty41  tty58  vcsa
hvc2         mapper             tty1      tty26  tty42  tty59  vcsa1
hvc3         mem             tty10     tty27  tty43  tty6   vga_arbiter
hvc4         network_latency     tty11     tty28  tty44  tty60  xen
hvc5         network_throughput  tty12     tty29  tty45  tty61  zero
hvc6         null             tty13     tty3   tty46  tty62
hvc7         nvram             tty14     tty30  tty47  tty63
input         port             tty15     tty31  tty48  tty7

from other terminal:
[bhadresh@localhost dev]$ ll /dev/xvda1
brw-r--r--. 1 root root 202, 0 Jan 30 11:44 /dev/xvda1
[bhadresh@localhost dev]$ ll /dev/xvdb1
brw-r--r--. 1 root root 202, 16 Jan 30 11:44 /dev/xvdb1
[bhadresh@localhost dev]$

On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 6:18 PM, Ian Campbell <Ian.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Tue, 2014-01-28 at 16:02 +0530, Bhadresh Udani wrote:

> I have created multiple guest configuration files, but each time it
> fails with following error and goes to emergency mode.

How are you creating the guest (i.e. the filesystems)? Are you running
the Fedora installer or using some other tool?

How did you create the ramdisk you are using? Does it contain all of the
necessary drivers (specifically the blkfront driver)?

From the dracut console can you see any Xen block devices in /dev/ at

> $ cat /etc/xen/linuxXen.cfg
> name="Linux"
> builder="generic"
> vncviewer=0
> vcpus=1
> maxvcpus=2
> cpus="all"
> cpu_weight=256
> cap=0
> period=5
> slice=10
> latency=3
> extratime=1
> memory=1024
> maxmem=2048
> > > kernel="/boot/vmlinuz-3.11.8-200.fc19.x86_64"
> ramdisk="/boot/initramfs-3.11.8-200.fc19.x86_64.img"
> root="/dev/mapper/fedora_localhost-root"

> disk = ['/dev/sda,raw,hda']

This config file appears to be trying to create a PV guest but "hda" is
only available with HVM guests. Try xvda instead.


Be Positive & Keep Smiling(Jai Jinendra)
Thanks & Regards,
Bhadresh Udani

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