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Re: [Xen-users] Fw: booting

On Tue, 2014-02-04 at 12:50 +0800, IAN DELANEY wrote:

> are very hard to follow, mainly because they typically assume far too
> much knowledge on the part of the reader.  I'm a dev @ gentoo but a
> total newbie at arm.

I'm afraid that Xen on ARM is not yet aimed at the total newbie on ARM.

> Start from the multi_v7_defconfig multiplatform kernel: 
> make sun7i_dom0_defconfig
> is NOT.  Apparently that kernel is no longer being linked and the
> current kernel 3.13-rc4 simply does NOT even have the
> sun7i_dom0_defconfig.

Sorry, my fault, This was something added to the random github tree
which used to be pointed to by the guy who wrote the original
instructions. The right advice is to start from "multi_v7_defconfig".

Actually. It seems I originally managed to change the text but not the

I've fixed that now

> "This assumes that the kernel is <4MB, "
> leaves me in the lurch because the zImage comes up over 4 mb. and I am
> not versed in hex maths so as to convert all these addresses, which
> leaves me vulnerable to making wrong data.

gnome-calculator speaks hex, as do many other tools.

I'm afraid this is sort of normal for ARM/u-boot systems.

> "console=hvc0 ro root=/dev/sda1 "
> does this pertain to a usb boot?  Mine is actually from an SDHC card,
> once again making for uncertainty.

It can be whatever you would use to boot natively on this platform. I
suspect that means /dev/mmcblkN but I haven't been booting from that so
I don't know.

> setenv bootargs "console=dtuart dtuart=/soc@01c00000/serial@01c28000
> dom0_mem=128M"
> What happened to root=.... ?

That is the hypervisor command line, the root= is a kernel parameter.

>  Parameters for the domain 0 kernel are passed using the
>  xen,dom0-bootargs

I don't see any reference to dom0-bootargs on the allwinner page.

> I initially booted into the CB2 via the 3.4-75 kernel from sunxi with a
> boot.cmd provided by the arm arch dev @ gentoo. He knows nothing about
> xen and doesn't even understand what a dom0 is.  Currently, despite
> using a boot.xen amd mkimage a boot.scr from the boot.xen, the CB2
> boots into the WRONG kernel.

I have no idea what you've done here but Linux 3.4 just won't work with
Xen on ARM.

> This underlines the problem with the wki for
> Xen_ARMv7_with_Virtualization_Extensions. It's both faulty and as clear
> as proverbial mud.  

> The use of the u-boot is totally new to me having become accustomed to
> grub.  The instructs for such a challenging and technically intricate
> process of booting a dom0 in an arm board need be made crystal clear,
> and it isn't.  I'm circumspect about gaining clear answers from this
> source and therefore about being able to get the CB2 to boot into
> dom0.  If a xen maintainer @ gentoo can't follow this literature, what
> chance a user?

This stuff isn't even released yet. Nobody has said it is ready for end
users yet -- it is ready for interested devs to use.

I appreciate that things are not as clear as they might be, I'm sorry
but at this stage I think it is not unreasonable to expect that people
try Xen on ARM are already somewhat familiar with Linux on ARM, which
means u-boot and some of the terms used here.  

Anyway, we are trying to make this easier but it is clearly not ready

Lastly, please drop the aggressive tone, I appreciate that you have
found this frustrating, but it is not going to encourage people to try
and help you.


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