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Re: [Xen-users] Xen on ARM: booting Linux from a physical partition

> What kernel versions are you using in dom0/domU? Prior to v3.12 Linux
> had a bug in the block device ABI, which was fixed in v3.13. However
> this means that Linux <= v3.12 can only interact with other such
> domains.

Dom0: 3.10.1
DomU: 3.14.0-rc4

Unfortunately, finding a dom0 kernel tree that has the right level of
support for the ARM board I'm using is challenging, so I feel like I'm
stuck with 3.10.1 there.  I've attempted to build that same tree for
domU kernels but I encounter build failures.  I'm happy to try lowering
the domU version to an earlier version of the official Linux tree,


  Jonathan Daugherty
  Software Engineer
  Galois, Inc.

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