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Re: [Xen-users] Xen on ARM: booting Linux from a physical partition

I'm travelling and on mobile Internet so I can't look it up but it was to the 
blkif.h file in Linux and changed the padding or packing of a struct.

I think it might also be referenced from the xen on arm wiki page.


Jonathan Daugherty <jtd@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> What kernel versions are you using in dom0/domU? Prior to v3.12 Linux
>> had a bug in the block device ABI, which was fixed in v3.13. However
>> this means that Linux <= v3.12 can only interact with other such
>> domains.
>I'm curious: can you point me to the commit which fixes the issue?
>  Jonathan Daugherty
>  Software Engineer
>  Galois, Inc.
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