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[Xen-users] UEFI Dom0 on Debian Wheezy - Not booting


I'm trying hard to get Xen working on my UEFI system.
Motherboard: Intel DQ87PG (Haswell)
CPU: Intel Core i5 4570 (non-K)
Ram: 16GB DDR3
M4 Crucial SSD

The system is running Debian Wheezy amd64 properly, using grub2-efi-amd64.
I've followed this guide: 

Instead of getting Xen version 4.1x, I got the latest (at that time) 4.4.0-RC5 
version from git. (git clone ... -b ...)
I built it according to the tutorial, even though there were some hick-ups.
As my dom0-foundation, I used a custom kernel (version 3.13.5) configured from 
The kernel itself works just fine, but I can't boot with activated Xen.
Grub detects the Xen-binary/archive and adjusts the kernel to utilize it, but 
once I try to actually boot with it, the screen stays black.
I can't ssh-into the machine. I don't think it's actually doing any work, as no 
proper power management was loaded.
(Power consumption is 51W instead of 26W in idle)
The stock Debian kernel (3.2.x) also doesn't work.
There also is no disk activity.
I am not using the xen.efi approach. Instead, I want to use Xen through Grub's 
It seems to be easier and I don't have to adjust my GNU-toolchain for it.

As I am a Xen-firsttimer, I am not quite sure what's the cause of this problem.
Does the kernel need one of these SuSE-patches, or is there a problem with Xen?

I would be very happy to get some hints on how to solve this problem!
Thank you very much in advance!


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