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Re: [Xen-users] UEFI Dom0 on Debian Wheezy - Not booting

It's me again...

Though I wasn't able to fix this problem, I instead tried the xen.efi-approach.

With some apt-get source binutils magic, I added --enable-targets=x86_64-pep to 
its rules file and rebuilt it.
After installing this and recompiling Xen 4.4.0-RC6, I got the xen.efi file and 
dropped it on my EFI partition.
I created a simple configuration file and now the system is up and running! :-)
Still some issues to be addressed, though :
I can't reboot (it gets stuck at reboot: Restarting system) the dom0 machine.
Maybe I'll open a new thread for this in case I can't figure it out myself.

Best regards

27.02.2014, 14:53, "Axel Puschkin" <axel-puschkin@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello!
> I'm trying hard to get Xen working on my UEFI system.
> Specifications:
> Motherboard: Intel DQ87PG (Haswell)
> CPU: Intel Core i5 4570 (non-K)
> Ram: 16GB DDR3
> M4 Crucial SSD
> The system is running Debian Wheezy amd64 properly, using grub2-efi-amd64.
> I've followed this guide: 
> http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Comprehensive_Xen_Debian_Wheezy_PCI_Passthrough_Tutorial
> Instead of getting Xen version 4.1x, I got the latest (at that time) 
> 4.4.0-RC5 version from git. (git clone ... -b ...)
> I built it according to the tutorial, even though there were some hick-ups.
> As my dom0-foundation, I used a custom kernel (version 3.13.5) configured 
> from scratch.
> The kernel itself works just fine, but I can't boot with activated Xen.
> Grub detects the Xen-binary/archive and adjusts the kernel to utilize it, but 
> once I try to actually boot with it, the screen stays black.
> I can't ssh-into the machine. I don't think it's actually doing any work, as 
> no proper power management was loaded.
> (Power consumption is 51W instead of 26W in idle)
> The stock Debian kernel (3.2.x) also doesn't work.
> There also is no disk activity.
> I am not using the xen.efi approach. Instead, I want to use Xen through 
> Grub's multiboot-function.
> It seems to be easier and I don't have to adjust my GNU-toolchain for it.
> As I am a Xen-firsttimer, I am not quite sure what's the cause of this 
> problem.
> Does the kernel need one of these SuSE-patches, or is there a problem with 
> Xen?
> I would be very happy to get some hints on how to solve this problem!
> Thank you very much in advance!
> Axel

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