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Re: [Xen-users] Xen4.1, domU hang (state b), how to interpret this qemu log after xm create

On Wed, Apr 09, 2014 at 06:57:19PM +1030, Guangning YU wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have been following a online tutorial to create my home server.
> Reference: 
> http://linux-bsd-sharing.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/howto-xen-413-windows-8-hvm
> -domu-with.html
> I have followed the guide and xm create my .cfg file. The vm went into state
> b. VNC into the vm, only see black screen. I don¹t quite understand the log
> file. Could anyone please help me interpret the log and point me to the
> right direction? Thank you very much!!!
> Cheers,
> Jason

Nothing seems wrong in the log. The failure for console is probably
because Windows doesn't setup a console; but it's not fatal.

State b means your VM is waiting for event. It's not a hang.

TBH Xen 4.1 is quite old. Can't say I have much insight.


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