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Re: [Xen-users] debian jessy booting xen kernel, no keyboard

Mike Egglestone wrote:
*Daniel <dandadude@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:dandadude@xxxxxxxxx>> writes:*
I installed Debian Jessy and all works fine with everything on default.

When I boot into the built-in XEN kernel (following the debian xen
wiki), keyboard and mouse support is off, I cannot do anything from
console, only from SSH.

What can be wrong, what is the solution?

Having the same problem.
USB Keyboard works at the grub menu, but once the kernel boots, nothing.
Even num lock key doesn't work.

Running Debian Jessie, boot into XEN dom0 with kernel 3.13-1 with xen 4.3.

Any way to debug this, or is this a debian problem?


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i have the same problem on wheezy with Kernel 3.14.3-amd64, XEN-4.4.0-RELEASE. no Keyboard Input accepted after Kernel is loaded.
if i am back on my dev machine i will paste some log outputs.

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