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Re: [Xen-users] [Pkg-xen-devel] Xen 4.4 packaging.


I spent some time making xen-4.4 packages for myself to use in wheezy
and I though I'd share some of the issues I encountered.

I started from the xen 4.3 package for jessies and adapted the debian/
directory for it to work. I also wanted some things enabled that are
usually not in debian packages. I wanted stubdoms built (and in case
of 64 bits, have both pvgrub64 and pvgrub32) and I wanted the option
to have both qemu-upstream (for  which I just use an upgraded version
of the qemu package) and also have qemu-traditional built and

The two things that were tricky to track down are :

* Using the packaged version of etherboot / seabios broke the build of
hvmloader for me
  (so I removed those patches :

  It would build the hvmloader just fine, but I wouldn't be able to
actually boot the domain, it would just hang at boot with some weird
MMIO error. And when looking at the source package of seabios, I can
see it's built without the XEN option enabled and without the xen

* Make sure flags aren't forcibly set when building 'tools'.
  In particular this patch tools-flag.diff

  This causes some options to be set that will forcibly enable the
stack protection to be built for some of the libraries / code that
will be used in stubdoms and this cause them to be non-functional. You
also need to make sure that when running the 'configure' in stubdom/
you do NOT give the CFLAGS and just let the configure use it's own
default ones rather than the ones set by dpkg-buildpackage.

  Again, the stubdom would build without error but be non functional.
(In this case I tested with PVGrub).

Now I know that the resulting package I made has no chance of ever
being merged because it downloads dynamically some stuff from the web,
but if anyone wants to take a look, I can send the debian/ directory



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