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Re: [Xen-users] About mounting running domU filesystems

On 02/06/14 09:01, Joan wrote:
> I've setup a system with lvm disks for xen, I do the backups by using
> lvm snapshots+database dumps without issues. The only headache I have is
> that I can mount a running domU without any warning and start writing to
> it, and that scares me.
> Is there any way to disallow this? So I can't mount  a running volume?
> This is the same that happens on any device (it can be mounted at
> several places at the same time) but that's for another question.


That's a limitation/feature of Linux, that allows mounting the same
block device multiple times. The xl toolstack will prevent you from
assigning the same block device to multiple guests, but there's no way
it can prevent you from mounting them by yourself on Dom0/Driver domain.


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