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[Xen-users] Xen inter-vm page sharing


Having searching the mailing list about memory page sharing. So far it looks like at least it's supported in HVM guests, i am using xen 4.4, in old xen 4.1 etc release, there is a memory_sharing configuration options when using Xend, but i am not be able to see a similar option for libxl .

Also i found tools directory in the source code tree. There is libmemshre and test tool called memshrtoo, but it sounds like for testing, not for really day to day operation. Any suggestions and directions about this feature?

[root@dummy001 mem-sharing]# ./memshrtool
usage: ./memshrtool <command> [args...]
where <command> may be:
  info                    - Display total sharing info.
  enable                  - Enable sharing on a domain.
  disable                 - Disable sharing on a domain.
  nominate <domid> <gfn>  - Nominate a page for sharing.
  share <domid> <gfn> <handle> <source> <source-gfn> <source-handle>
                          - Share two pages.
  unshare <domid> <gfn>   - Unshare a page by grabbing a writable map.
  add-to-physmap <domid> <gfn> <source> <source-gfn> <source-handle>
                          - Populate a page in a domain with a shared page.
  debug-gfn <domid> <gfn> - Debug a particular domain and gfn.
  audit                   - Audit the sharing subsytem in Xen.

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