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[Xen-users] Re-Introducing SR to XenServer 6.2

I'm a long time user of XenServer. I've been running into issues every-so-often with Xenserver SR's becoming "Corrupted". I'm running ext-type SR volumes backed by a mdadm softraid volume (let's call it /dev/md0).

While I understand this configuration is not supported, the problem i'm having has more to do with Xenserver's handling of the disks, rather than mdadm.

I suffered a power outage which rebooted my machine, and I am unable to start any VMs (getting "The VDI is not available" errors).

I've checked the volume (it's a Logical Volume....the data is there and the VHD's are present) and it is clean.

I've followed the recommendations listed here:


Basically the procedure seems to be based on these steps:

* Clear out old SR/PBD
* Re-introduce "new" SR to Xenserver using current uuid.
* Create "new" pbd pointing to location of ext filesystem (/dev/XSLocalEXT-3de4c3be-101d-e476-8a71-4defb2c98425/3de4c3be-101d-e476-8a71-4defb2c98425) mapped using LVM.
* Plug PBD into system....

Now the issue is that I get errors like opterr=no such volume group: VG_XenStorage-3de4c3be-101d-e476-8a71-4defb2c98425, which is correct --- the VG is called XSLocalEXT-<uuid>....

The VG and LV are both available and able to be mounted manually....

Is there another process to get this working again?

Thank you,
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