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Re: [Xen-users] Need support for xen network configuration

Simon Hobson <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Alexandre Kouznetsov <alk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> For sake of security, your scenario will be better if you manage to add a 
>> second physical interface. Make eth0 to be "internal" and eth1 to be 
>> "external".
>> For sake of sanity, separate your different IP networks into different 
>> broadcast domain, VLAN is the most suitable option if they are to share the 
>> same physical port.
> +1 for that
>> If you still wish your DomU to have a second (public) IP address, add a 
>> alias section:
> Rather than add aliases, AIUI it's now preferred to just add addresses 
> (whether in the same subnet or a different one).
> So something like :
> iface eth0 inet static
>   address
>   ...
>   post up ip addr add address
>   post up ip addr add address


The bridge needs to have the IP addresses, *not* the physical interface.

The physical interface needs to be added to the bridge.  It does not
need to (should not) have an IP address itself.

Please be aware that a bridge is a bridge.  When you do this, you
connect all these different networks with each other.  That is probably
*not* what you want.

See also: http://www.shorewall.net/three-interface.htm

Knowledge is volatile and fluid.  Software is power.

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