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[Xen-users] VLAN>2NIC>Bond>Bridge

Hi All,
     I am using Ubuntu 12.04 as Dom0, with two interface eth0 and eth1.

Âin my previous setup i was using 3 separate sub interface with VLAN(eth0.13,eth1.14,eth2.15) and connected to 3 bridges it worked fine but current server doesn't have 3 interface to create 3 sub interface.Â

to configure 3 VLANS on two interfaces and create 3 bonds for each VLAN and add to 3 separate Linux bridges .

Will this kind of setup work? ie without creating sub interfaces and adding tag directly on bond and connecting that bond to bridge

eth0 and eth1 bonded to bond13.13 Â> Âthen to bridge br0
eth0 and eth1 bonded to bond14.14 Â> Âthen to bridge br1
eth0 and eth1 bonded to bond 15.15 > Âthen to bridge br2


do i need to create sub interface and connect sub interface instead of eth0 and eth1
eth0.13 eth1.13Â bonded to bond13 then bond13 to bridge 0

I heard that if i use eth0 directly with Bridge for VLAN traffic it does not work and i need to use ebtables to make it work.Can some one please help me with this?

Which method is the proper way to create multiple VLAN on single interface and bridging it.

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