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Re: [Xen-users] VLAN>2NIC>Bond>Bridge

On Tue, 2014-07-15 at 21:54 +0530, mad Engineer wrote:

> Will this kind of setup work? ie without creating sub interfaces and
> adding tag directly on bond and connecting that bond to bridge

I think so. IIRC XCP/XenServer did this in the pre-vswitch days.

> eth0 and eth1 bonded to bond13.13  >  then to bridge br0
> eth0 and eth1 bonded to bond14.14  >  then to bridge br1
> eth0 and eth1 bonded to bond 15.15 >  then to bridge br2

I think you mean bond0.{13,14,15} each time here?

IOW you create bond0 which consists of eth0+eth1 and then make vlans on
top of that and add each bond0.VLAN device to a bridge.

> do i need to create sub interface and connect sub interface instead of
> eth0 and eth1
> eth0.13 eth1.13  bonded to bond13 then bond13 to bridge 0

It's a plausible sounding alternative but I've no idea if it works or
even if it is really possible.


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