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[Xen-users] VLAN inside domU and sub interfaces

Hi all,
    ÂUnfortunately My DomUs have 3 VNIC and all IP are in same sub net.
ÂÂ Â Â ÂIn my old setup i created sub interfaces
     eth0.100,eth0.101 eth0.123   Â
   Âand created 3 bridges and connected 3 VNICs to each bridges,it worked as the IP of DomU was in different sub nets.

In new setup for DomU i have only one sub net,but with 3 VNIC,which should be in 3 VLAN [each VLAN is used for different purposes]

In this setup since default network route inside domU can be an issue,i don't think creating bridge at Dom0 and connecting sub interface to that bridge solves this.

Instead i am trying to configure VLAN inside DomU,but i doubt this kind of setup work.

Âin this case do i need to create sub interfaceÂwith tagÂin Dom0 Âand connect it to bridge? OR Âjust eth0 bridged to br0 with all VNIC ?

Will the bridge strips off VLAN tag from the virtual NIC?
Can there be any issue with PV drivers? Â

Is there any method to avoid tagging inside DomU

Using Centos 6 with Xen 4* ,all are PV guest

I hope some one can help me with this.

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